It was a year of many turns, some for the worse, some unpredictable, and some we all made the best of. Most importantly we never stopped trying for one minute to improve our game.  The results came through, some tangible and some yet to be realized.  We more than doubled assets under management, added a talent registered independent female advisor, Jenny Bobber, launched two new hedge funds, and completed a record amount of financial plans giving our clients many of the answers that they were hoping to find.

High up on the list would have to be Alpha Wealth Funds being chosen as the Best Investment Firm in Park  City by the readers or our local paper, the Park Record. This was a great honor because there are plenty of smart accomplished financiers in the bulge bracket community of Park City. In fact, I’m sure there are many more talented money mavens than those in our small shop but we worked hard, cared first and foremost about and last about our client’s welfare, and it showed.  The readers of the Park Record overwhelmingly voted us the best investment shop in Park City.

We accomplished this in a lot of ways, understanding what was likely best for our client at the time. It wasn’t always the hot new idea and it was often with products like our SMA accounts that ALL beat their benchmark with the lowest possible fees to the client.  We accomplished some of our client’s diversification goals by introducing them to exciting multi-unit rental properties our partners are building in the fastest growing community of Sunrise ,Arizona. This promises to be a heck of an investment and tax shelter you will never see from larger firms.  Arizona has broken ground and is on budget.  We hope to be able to get in on more ground-floor opportunities like this one.  Our innovative tax partners at B-10 Capital keep introducing us to unique tax sheltering opportunities as well.

On the other end of the spectrum, we now have 4 unique hedge funds offering that high-end investor something unique and not just replicated with the basket of index funds.  For example, The Insiders Fund had a standout year, near 30% after fees by investing in stocks that insiders were willing to put large amounts of their own money in.  Far from a perfect strategy, I believe paying close attention to what management is willing to invest with their own money is the best way to avoid losing yours.  We accomplished these results with very large cash balances throughout the year. All this cash on hand has been a real drag on performance but there will come an opportunity when we will put it to work to our mutual benefit.  I remind you that I am one of the largest investors in the Fund and you can see my thinking exactly in this short video clip.

The Volatility Advantage Fund has shown real signs of brilliance this year as the portfolio manager, Chase Thomas has identified some of the potential great growth stocks that don’t often show up on the insider buying screens.  This Fund is on the verge of breaking out with the next growth story and the rest will be history.  Pay close attention and don’t let volatility unnerve you. Chase has ice water flowing in his veins and can navigate any kind of market stress.

Later in the year we successfully launched the Alpha Low Volatility fund which is performing for the most part as what it is designed to do. If you’re over the ups and downs of the market and just want something that earns 1/2% to 1.5% per month with rare drawdowns- this is your Fund.  It’s never going to have the month our other three funds will have but it will keep you sleeping like a baby.  A good night’s sleep is healthy for your portfolio and your health.  Watch the new video to get the idea 

Last but not least we launched the most exciting Fund to date, Alpha Diversified Fund, managed by the latest member of our team, a fund run by our latest partner, Mark Kress, a CFA and Berkeley MBA graduate.  This fund promises to produce incredible returns with striking little volatility. Yes, it is a new fund but all the members of it are proven veteran money managers, and their past performance numbers are real. Our returns here are NOT backtested but actual real results and are as good and consistent as anything we’ve seen.  Find out more about it here Diversify away from Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate and still get equity-like returns without gut-wrenching volatility
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It does take a small leap of faith but you should know that Chase and I are all in on the same terms as offered to you with Alpha Diversified Fund.  Please watch the short video with Mark Kress telling you about his strategy.

Last but most important, we launched a major giving-back program this year.  We are returning 10% of the incentive fees earned by our four hedge funds to nonprofits of clients choosing.  We are calling this program, Wealth Should not be Just For The Wealthy Expect to hear more from us as soon as the year-end accounting is complete

Thank you from all of us at Alpha Wealth Funds. The team and I will be reaching out to every one of you this coming month to understand how we can serve you better, make your financial goals and lifestyles the best they can be.  Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season and New Year