Annuities Can Help Your Retirement Portfolio Stay Afloat. These Are the Best Ones

Every time I hear someone explain annuities, my eyes kind of glaze over and I get lost in the fine print and insurance lingo.  So I was really pleased to see this great article in Barron’s clearly explaining the main annuities types and what kind of income they guarantee.  Basically they explain three types of annuities and the best current rates of return. It’s good to hear that you can get guaranteed returns as high as 6.72% from a highly rated company in this era of near zero rates


  1. Deferred Annuities: A contract is purchased now, but pays out later.
  2. Fixed Income Annuities: Fixed-income annuities are tools that turn a lump sum into a lifelong income stream, either immediately or sometime later.
  3. Index AnnuitiesThere is one product that has bucked the recent bad-news trend: registered indexed-linked annuities. RILAs, the industry’s newest innovation, have exploded in popularity in the past couple of years, thanks to a compelling trade-off that they offer to investors who are risk-averse but need growth—some protection on the downside in exchange for a cap on a linked stock index’s performance.

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