They said we would never experience a stock market meltdown again in our lifetime like in 2008. It was the largest destruction of wealth since the Great Depression, or so they said.  Indeed, I thought that. I believed that because I survived 2008 and flourished in 2009 and onward that I had built in an immunity.  Many of us thought that but here we find ourselves in something that seems far worse than the Great Recession of 2008.

The Government is taking drastic measures to curb the virus.  Whole swaths of industry are being devastated and many companies will not survive. Forced restriction on travel, entertainment, sports, and retail shopping are going to reverberate for years.  Many companies will not survive this.

It begs the question- is the cure worse than disease?  Would it not be more practical to curfew seniors than the economy?  It seems life is getting back to normal in Hong Kong while it may never be the same again around us.  Hong Kong is so much more crowded than the U.S.  If the virus was so lethal, would all these people be in the streets once again? I don’t know about you, but as a senior I’d gladly stay home for a month to keep things afloat.

A Generational War is Brewing over the Coronavirus

We don’t have answers to the unknowable but we are trained financial professionals with families and investments of our own. We are uniquely positioned to help. The coronavirus and economic slowdown are a common threat. We all have to play our part in this battle. Join us in a safe, no hassle virtual meeting with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER CFP® .

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