If Bernie or Elizabeth Warren wins or even is the Democratic nominee, I’d get out of the market. If it crashes because he’s the nominee or even wins, I’d take advantage of the sell-off. The reality is that change happens very slowly or even not at all. I was just at the Leonardo at the Pompeii exhibit today and the first exhibit sign said that wealth was very concentrated in a few hands in 100 AD.  Sounds like today, 2000 years later. I don’t think Warren or Bernie can win. Anyone else will probably be fine, although Trump represents a long-term threat in my opinion if global trade starts to decline and nationalism takes hold. Wars start that way- but we’re getting way ahead of my pay grade.  Any way the surest way to lose in the long term is cash according to Warren Buffett’s 2014 Annual report

“Many retirement investors, he said, tend to think that cash is safe and that stocks are risky. Many would put cash in their mattresses over buying equity in a public company.

But it really should be other way around. Stocks have a long-running record of handily outperforming the major investment choices, including gold and bonds.

But it’s cash that is the absolute loser, thanks to inflation, a relentless force that destroys purchasing power like rust gnawing away at an unpainted bridge.”

Buffett in his 2014 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders letter.