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Even a 5th grader reviews his work.  You would be surprised at how many smart men and women who command complete respect at their jobs, have years of professional training like doctors and engineers, and then spend all of two minutes making investment decisions that could impact years of hard work and savings.  Every quarter I write a report to my investment partners, showing the top winners, the top losers, what we did really right, what we did not really right, what I wish I had done and so on.  We break it down into a mathematical model of winning trades ratios versus losing trades.  We analyze our long side trades versus our short side trades. We even compute our returns if we had done nothing at all, held a static portfolio versus where we are now. After all, if you don’t learn from your mistakes, how will you get any better? Even a 5th grader knows that.

How well did you do versus the benchmarks? For most people, the benchmark return on the stock market is the S&P 500, the five hundred largest publicly traded companies.  A balanced portfolio will use a 60/40 blended benchmark, generally 60% the S&P 500 and 40% Barclay Aggregate Bond Index or something similar. Did you beat the market?  A well known and embarrassing fact is that 85% of professional managers don’t beat the market.  

Beating the market is a lot harder than it sounds. For starters, the market is 100% invested all the time. Not everyone wants to be invested to the gills. Some people, myself, included, like to have cash available to take advantage of market swoons and dips. Statistically, this may be an error in strategy but it helps me sleep at night.  Your emotional well-being and the avoidance of irrational, panicked behavior is the single biggest roadblock to successful investing in my opinion.  Sleep well knowing the folks at Alpha Wealth Funds are on this 24/7. We are passionate about getting you alpha, showing our work and how we earned our fees.  Please ask for our report card.

All content is copyrighted by Alpha Wealth Funds. We are happy for you to share our posts but please link back to us for credit. As always all investment ideas can lose money, so invest wisely and do your own research. We may or may not have positions in any idea we write about and are under no obligation to disclose such.  We urge you to consult with your own advisor or contact one of our registered investment advisors who will act as your fiduciary representative.


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