To employ volatility–based time value investment strategies to maximize return on capital. The Fund seeks to find value through various options based hedging strategies.


The Alpha Wealth Volatility Advantage Fund is a long-short equity fund that adds time value to its portfolio through options contract writing and volatility hedges. This strategy involves taking long positions in stocks, ETFs and ETNs that are expected to increase in value and short positions in stocks, ETFs and ETNs that are expected to decrease in value.

The Partnership intends to take equity positions in individual companies, sector funds and index funds that have liquid options markets. The General Partner uses technical analysis to find momentum indicators for potentially profitable trades with a two to three month time horizon. One of the primary ways the Partnership adds value to its portfolio is through the use of covered calls and short volatility trades that have natural time decay rates. This strategy allows the Partnership to profit from outlier events that cause volatility spikes by taking positions that result in gains when volatility levels revert back to their normal ranges.