Attract Top Talent With These Employee Benefits


When potential employees are looking for jobs, one of the most important drivers of interest in a particular position or company is the benefits that go along with it. To attract the highest quality workers, you need to offer more inventive options than simple healthcare and retirement.

Alpha Wealth Funds offers the following suggestions on ways to give back to your employees.

1. Yoga Classes

According to Johns Hopkins, the benefits of yoga have been proven time and again, ranging from physical health benefits to mental health ones such as better stress management and improved mood. Yoga helps improve heart health, strength, and balance, and it also helps with back pain. This is great news for employees who might be seated at a desk all day and struggle with back issues because of it.

There are many options for how to provide these classes; one idea is to provide gift certificates for local yoga classes or live-streamed ones. Many companies have implemented weekly chair yoga sessions that employees working both in the office and remotely can participate in. You can even bring in an instructor if your office space can accommodate in-person classes.

2. Nutritionist Sessions

Many people would like to eat healthier but don’t have the tools to put them on the right path to better eating on their own. Often, health insurance doesn’t cover sessions with nutritionists though many people can benefit from an individualized approach to getting healthier. Setting up meetings for interested individuals with nutritionists will give your employees access to personalized plans to improve their health that they might otherwise miss out on, and better health for your employees means happier and more energetic workers enjoying an improved quality of life.

3. Education

For many potential employees, the draw of further education paid for by their employer is a big one. After all, employees who earn their MBA definitely have an edge in the field. Student loans can be a source of stress for many, so while they might want to pursue more degrees, many people won’t because of the costs to be incurred.

Though classes can be expensive, the value they add to your employees is considerable. For example, an employee who works with numbers, such as your payroll administrator, might benefit from accounting classes or Quickbooks training. In turn, the training can increase his or her effectiveness and the likelihood of staying with your company, which can save you money in the long run. With online programs widely available, employees can access a variety of degree opportunities from the comfort of their homes.

4. Childcare Assistance

With many areas suffering from so-called childcare deserts and the costs of childcare increasing all the time, many highly qualified employees would appreciate assistance with childcare. This could come in the form of a monthly stipend, or you could set up a childcare center in the office for the children of employees. For many potential workers with families, this could be the benefit that puts your company above all the rest.

5. Flexible Work Options

Work no longer has to be on a 9-to-5 schedule in an office setting. If it is possible to offer employees the option of working remotely, it can be very beneficial to do so. Not only is it appealing to workers, but it also lowers the costs of operating an in-person office.

6. Miscellaneous Perks

Random acts of kindness from an employer go a long way toward boosting employee morale and showing appreciation for their hard work. Consider offering gift certificates to the movies, local spas, and restaurants, or surprise them with bi-monthly half-days or in-office massage sessions. You can also incentivize employees with tangible prizes when they meet certain goals. Tier prizes and offers — from largest to smallest — items like a gift certificate to a fancy hotel, a new printer, or a quality pair of headphones.

Giving potential and current employees a variety of benefits is a smart way to invest in your workers while building trust. It also helps ensure you can bring in the most qualified new employees when it comes time to hire. Give your company a leg up over competitors and implement these innovative benefit options today.


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