According to CNBC

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied 7.2% this month, notching its best June performance since 1938.
  • The S&P 500 posted its best first half of a year since 1997, soaring 17.3% and reaching an all-time high.
  • Semiconductor ETF (SMH) notched biggest one-month gain since September 2010.
  • Gold surged more than 7% in June, its biggest gain since June 2016.
  • Oil surged more than 9% in June.

Common sense would tell you that July performance is not likely to be a repeat of June. Reality is though of course that none of us know that.  What we do know is that we have several unique ways to invest your monies, all of which are performing admirably. 

Some highlights of the past month for the Alpha Wealth Funds group. These results are all preliminary and before fees:  The three hedge funds returns are produced by an independent third party and audited annually by a PCAOB certified auditor.

  • The Insiders Fund was up over 11% for the month of June and nearly 27.6% YTD. That makes two months this year alone where we posted double-digit returns. We went back and looked at our prior history and the only month with similar returns was 18% in May of 2009, a year in which the strategy produced returns over 65% net of fees. We don’t expect that as then insiders were buying the market hand over fist- they have been largely absent since a burst of buying last December when the market had its worst year-end month in 80 years. There is a similarity though in that 2008 and 2018 were both bad years for the insider strategy yet the year following it has been exceptional.
  • The Volatility Advantage Fund was up an eye-popping 17% for June and 50.44% YTD.  Our newest fund got off to a rocky start in 2018 but has been rapidly redeeming itself. Manager Chase Thomas expects to have a record year if we can get another volatility spike or two- and if most importantly we can be on the right side of it as he has done historically- last year being a glaring exception.
  • Theta Investments was up 2.80% for the month and about 7.75% YTD. Don’t let Theta’s slimmer returns, by contrast, dissuade you. It’s won best in class nearly every month this year by Barclay Hedge, an independent hedge fund database administrator. Theta rarely has a down month. Its 12-month return is leading our group of funds and the market, with over 16% return. Manager Russell Kellites says, “the market shift that we experienced in the first quarter of 2018 continues, providing market directional changes and volatility which are very conducive to our strategy.

Our Four Separately Managed Model Accounts are all producing outstanding results. It’s important to note though that these are computer simulated results and not real world numbers.  Please note our disclaimer at the bottom of the page. 

  • Aggressive 8.43% MTD 32.81% YTD
  • Growth 6.68% MTD 28.95% YTD
  • Moderate 5.87% MTD 22.75% YTD
  • Conservative 4.37% MTD 22.07% YTD 



We hope you have a wonderful holiday and we can’t wait to get back to working for you!

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Hedge Funds

Warren Buffett would be the first to tell you that emerging fund managers can often outperform legendary investors such as himself because smaller size funds have so many more opportunities to move the needle.  Alpha Wealth Funds currently offers three unique emerging funds.

The Insiders Fund focuses exclusively on what insiders are buying and selling.  Portfolio manager Harvey Sax has deployed this strategy since 2001 with 4x return of the market during that time. According to the portfolio manager, the market is not cheap by any means, fundamental or historic, NONE THE LESS, there are always situations that the crowd has missed.  These are most often highlighted by large insider buys.

Theta Investments has a 7-year track record with exceptionally low volatility, a beta far lower than the market.   It ‘s manager, Rusell Kelleites has been recognized numerous times by Barclay Hedge, a leading independent 3rd party data vendor, as best in its class. Morningstar ranked Mr. Kelleites, the #1 fund manager in his peer group for 2018.

The Volatility Advantage Fund, our newest fund, is a long-short equity fund that adds time value to your portfolio through options contracts and volatility hedges. It is designed to create excess returns from the irrational yet predictable over-reactions to news events and market gyrations. Volatility Advantage Fund lives up to its moniker, with big ups and drawdowns. It’s not for the faint of heart but has the potential to make large Alpha.

Separately Managed Accounts

 We offer separately managed accounts and financial planning by our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.  A separately managed account is a portfolio of individual securities.  Your accounts are not commingled with others and are in your complete control.  Our four model portfolios, back-tested, and independently verified have each outperformed their benchmarks by double digits.

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Disclaimer: All investments involve risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. SMA accounts are Independently designed and tabulated by Alpha Lab Creative. The projected performance and volatility levels described herein do not represent the performance of the Managed Account or of any other account. Rather, the performance results shown reflect the hypothetical returns achieved through backtesting. Hypothetical performance results do, however, have inherent limitations. Hypothetical returns do not represent performance results that were achieved by any investor in any account and are calculated through the retroactive application of the Adviser’s model portfolio configuration. RESULTS ARE NET OF ANTICIPATED FEES.