Getting Started with an SMA Account is a very simple three-step process.

  1.  Open the account by filling out Interactive Broker’s  Electronic Application.  If you have any questions while you do this, don’t hesitate to call us as we do a screen share with you and walk you thru it.
  2. Fund the account. You can do this in multiple ways. If you have an existing brokerage account that is a source of funds, you can do this all online through the automated process known as ACAT.  If you are funding it some other way, for example with a check we will send you an overnight envelope or arrange a courier, or pick it up in person. If you prefer, you can just mail it to Interactive Brokers at (provide the link) the benefit of your account. Be sure to put your account number on the check that you received from completing Step 1 on the check . You may also wire it following Interactive Brokers Funding Instructions.
  3. Sign the investment advisory agreement completing the Docusign authorizing us to manage your account.

That’s it. Once your account is opened and funded and the advisory agreement is signed, our CFP will assign your account to one or proportional percentages the four model portfolios based on the interview process and your desired objectives.  There are no contracts; you can cancel at any time. This is your money, your account. Our philosophy is that we need to earn your business at every quarterly review.